We often encounter patients who are convinced that a small black dot on tooth is cavity. On contrary to comon opinion, the cavity in its early stage is actually white and as such will be the easiest to spot by dentist.

Caries is caused by bacteria in our mouth which is fed on the sugars from food. Food rich in sugars (candy, bread, pastry) is glued to the surface of the tooth and creates layers inhabited by bacteria. It is a plaque and a predisposition to caries. It accumulates on tooth surfaces that are inaccessible to cleaning with a toothbrush, for example, between the teeth or on the chewing surfaces of teeth. The bacteria in plaque digest sugar and produce acids that erode the enamel surface through which bacteria penetrate deeper into the tooth structure.

The interior of the tooth is made of dentin and is softer than enamel. It contains many channels, and for acid-producing bacteria is easier to degraded it than enamel. Tooth at first glance may look healthy, but in fact, there is considerable destruction of tissue. Because of that, we can see the caries with bare eyes only when the enamel is no longer supported by the dentin and comes to its collapse and we see cavity on the tooth.

The development of caries